Comfort Food At Joey’s Diner, Nashua NH Area Best Bets

Posted by spswriter on September 11, 2013

There are days when only a great, warm favorite will do, and at Joey’s we serve up some of the best. Whether it’s a night out after a long week, lunch with a friend, or warming up on your way home from winter fun in the Granite State, you will find the perfect comfort food on the menu at Joey’s Diner, Nashua NH area diner. Some of our very best options are the chicken pot pie, hearty meatloaf, and the ultimate comfort food, warm apple crisp a la mode.

Everything here at Joey’s is made fresh to order and served in their hip 1950’s inspired diner. We pride ourselves on being the best family-friendly diner near Nashua, NH and we think you’ll agree. We strive to make the service and style incredible. This hip atmosphere is just the start; our food at Joey’s is second to none.

The chicken pot pie is a perennial favorite, served piping hot with fresh vegetables and beautiful chunks of white meat chicken just like you grew up enjoying. Served in their simmering chicken supreme sauce, this is a hearty meal perfect for cooler days and seasonal adventures. The chicken pot pie is a staple on the menu, so you can enjoy this any time of year you need a warm, filling pick-me-up.

Meatloaf is another one of those foods that take you back to your roots. Though many upscale restaurants are putting a chic spin on the humble meatloaf, here at Joey’s Diner, we think it’s great just the way it is. The meatloaf is dense and satisfying, adorned with just the right amount of gravy and paired with delicious sides like hot mashed potato, fresh veggies, or even French fries. When nothing else will do, the meatloaf is sure to hit the spot every time, and transport you back to meals around the dinner table.

If you want to finish off your comfort food with the king of them all, Joey’s has the best warm apple crisp around. This dessert starts with gorgeous tart apples, simmered with sugar and butter until they become a warm, golden caramel treat. It’s then crowned with a crunchy streusel topping and baked to perfection. Just before it comes to your table, the crisp gets a generous dose of ice cream to complete this awesome comfort food finale. The apple crisp is one of the favorites here, and no matter what your reason, we know you’ll leave the diner happy and full.

If you are looking for a wonderful meal out with your favorite comfort foods, all day breakfast, or any of our other fabulous menu choices, check us out at Joey’s Diner. Nashua NH and the surrounding area has a lot of options for dinner, but Joey’s is sure to please, and make a regular out of you. Check out the menu and stop by for a great meal soon!