Dining out at Joey’s Diner

Posted by spswriter on November 11, 2013

amherst dinerGrab your poodle skirts ladies, it’s time to meet the boys for shakes and fries down at Joey’s Diner. The shiny chrome and red building radiates like a beacon from the side of the road.

Every time you drive by Joey’s Diner you expect to see the likes of James Dean and Buddy Holly and you know you’re not the first. What this restaurant evokes isn’t just the obvious feel for the 50’s but the taste of the diner-style food-and it’s good food; any style eggs and create your own omelettes to breakfast quesadillas served all day. Joey’s has a list of signature breakfasts like the Gen. MacArther (creamed chipped beef on toast served with 2 eggs any style and home fries)and an Elvis Presley (2 eggs any style, corned beef hash and choice of bacon, ham or sausage and toast) and griddle specials like stuffed french toast and sides for those who might want a little extra with their pancakes. Joey’s Diner even carries a children and seniors menu for those with a smaller appetite.

 And you find yourself lingering every time.

It’s not just because the plates of tasty food are loaded to the rim and all the dishes are afford-ably priced, you linger for the feel of an era that will never happen again. The cars, the music and the movie stars from that time are all but a memory, but sitting down in the vinyl booths and chrome trim, you get a sense that at any moment, someone from the 1950’s will walk through the door, order a cup ‘o joe and the breakfast special before the day is gone.

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