Rock n’ Roll Dining At Joey’s Diner, Amherst

Posted by spswriter on October 3, 2013

The Buddy Holly – The rocker that started it all. It’s quite appropriate that we named our delicious, simple flame-broiled sirloin burger after the father of Rock n’ Roll. After all, Holly was the inspiration for an entire generation of musicians and artists that came after him. The Beatles, Elvis, Costello, Bob Dylan – all list Buddy Holly as an influence in their own musical evolution. Much like Holly was the basis for all of it, our Buddy Holly burger is simple – tasty flame-broiled beef with your choice of cheese. From there, you can evolve you burger experience any way you choose – we have a pile of great toppings that allow you to get your burger just the way you like it, juicy and cooked to order.

The Elvis – The King had a discerning palate in all things – he was known for wearing the coolest fashions, driving the hottest wheels, and of course – eating like a King. Want to try something delicious for breakfast that’ll get you “All Shook Up”? We suggest some King-inspired toppings for your pancakes. Starting with our famous, fluffy pancakes, we can dress them up for you with fresh sliced banana, and top them with a swirl of peanut butter. It’s a pancake fit for a King, and we think you’re going to love it.

London Calling – If you’re a Beatles fan, chances are you love everything about the culture that started The Second British Invasion. One of the hallmarks of the British experience is the ubiquitous chip shop, serving up hot, batter-dipped fish and fries in a most casual style. While we don’t typically wrap ours in newspaper like the brits do, can eat like one with our fresh, battered haddock fillets right out of the fryer, along with a heap of our hand-cut fries, with cole slaw and tartar sauce. It’s a favorite at Joey’s diner, and a little reminder of the place that was responsible for some really great rock n’ roll over the ages.

If you’re interested in a great dinner with a fun 50’s theme and food prepared the way you loved it growing up in a simpler time, Joey’s Diner, Amherst NH is the place. We offer breakfast all day, awesome lunch options, plentiful portions of comfort food and dinner entrees, as well as homemade desserts. You’ll feel like you’ve taken a trip back in time, and leave full, happy, and with a little cash left in your wallet. We love to serve up great food, so stop by any day of the week and check out our familiar favorites and our daily specials. See you soon!